Party Menu


Pizza Combo Deals

#1 Medium Cheese & One Item with 10 Wings or 10 Boneless Wings or 7 Chicken Fingers....$28.98

#2 Medium Gourmet Pizza with 10 Wings or 10 Boneless Wings or 7 Chicken Fingers......$31.98

#3 Large Cheese or Family Tray with One Item Pizza along with 20 Wings or 20 Boneless Wings or 12 Fingers.....$43.98

#4 Large or Family Tray Gourmet Pizza with One Item Pizza along with 20 Wings or 20 Boneless Wings or 12 Fingers....$49.69


#5 Party Tray Cheese & One Item with 30 Wings or 30 Boneless Wings or 20 Chicken Fingers......$67.95

#6 Party Tray Gourmet Pizza with 30 Wings or 30 Boneless Wings or 20 Chicken Fingers....$77.98

#7 Party Tray Cheese & One Item with 50 Boneless Wings or 30 Chicken Fingers.....$76.69

#8 Party Tray Gourmet Pizza with 50 Boneless Wings or 30 Chicken Fingers.....$83.98


Mix & Match Deal 

#1 Small Cheese & One Topping Plus Small Gourmet of your Choice......$23.98

#2 Medium Cheese & One Topping Plus Medium Gourmet of your Choice....$36.49

#3 Large or Half Tray Cheese & One Topping Pizza Plus your Choice of Large or Half Tray of Gourmet....$49.98


 Large Cheese & Pepperoni.......$19.39


Sampler Platter (Pick Four)

Pizza Logs (3), Mozzarella Sticks (3), Hot Poppers (3), Half order of Garlic Bread w/Cheese, Chicken Fingers (3), Onion Rings (5), French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries.  $19.55


Party Salads (10 person minimum)

Chef Salad

Crisp blend of Salad Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and your choice of dressings on the side.
$1.99 Per Person

Chicken Salad

A crisp blend of Salad Greens, Eggs, Tomatoes & Cucumbers topped with Cheddar & Monterrey Jack Cheese & tender strips of Char-broiled Chicken.
$3.69 per person


Fresh Salad Greens with Chicken or Steak topped with Green & Black Olives, Feta Cheese, Sweet Peppers, Eggs, Cucumbers & Tomatoes.
$3.69 per person



A mixture of Peppers, Cheese, Cold Cuts, Olives, Onions & Fresh Salad Greens.   

$3.55 per person


A fresh bed of Salad Greens, Tomatoes, Eggs & Cucumbers topped with Turkey, Ham, Cheddar & Monterrey Jack Cheese.
$3.15 per person

Buffalo Chicken

Tender Chicken Fingers tossed in Hot, Medium or Mild Sauce on a bed of Fresh Salad Greens, Eggs, Cucumbers & Tomatoes.   
$3.98 per person


Main Course

Sub Platter

5 Whole Subs cut in quarters served on White, Wheat or Sesame Rolls arranged on a serving platter with sides of Sub Oil, Mayo, Hot & Banana Peppers.
Cold Cut Sub Platter
Roast Beef, Ham & Cheese, Turkey, Assorted , Hercules (Ham & Turkey)
John's Original Sub Platter; 3 Oven Roasted Butterball Turkey Subs, 2 Ham & Cheese Subs

John's Chicken Finger Sub Platter; 5 of our Famous Chicken Finger Subs served with Hot Sauce to your liking Kraft Blue Cheese, lettuce & tomato and a side of Hot & Banana Peppers.


Wrap Platter

10 of Our Delicious Wraps Cut in Halves and arranged on a domed tray. Condiments on the side available on request. 

Assorted Wrap Platter; 3 Turkey Wraps, 3 Ham & Cheese Wraps, 2 Greek Wraps with Chicken & 2 Chicken Wraps.
Buffalo Wrap Platter; 6 Original Chicken Finger Wraps with Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese, lettuce & tomato, 4 Western Wraps with Barbecue Sauce, Mayo, lettuce, tomato & American Cheese.




Welcome To John's Pizza & Subs

John's Pizza & Subs started out small with a small clientele. Thanks to you, the customer, we have seen a lot of growth.

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